Thursday, December 18, 2014

Back To The Old Geezer In A Moment

We need to correct the other old geezer...

Ralph, if this was war you would have either killed yourself through stupidity or been shot by your captors for being a wormy little bitch.

Seamus Coogan is in New Zealand.

I am in the colonies for the next few months. Right down the road from you actually.

You have had over a year to prove your accusation that I advocate Oswald shooting at Kennedy. You haven't. Everyone expected that outcome.

But, you have had and do still have members of your group that actually put your boy Ozzy on the 6th floor. Performing rifle maintenance no less.

You've promoted Judyth Very Faker's positions and fabrications. You supported her famous "pixel analysis" even though she's as blind as a fucking bat. For her to see a pixel, it has to be the size of a grapefruit.

It does happen quite a lot Ralph...just look at the membership of the OIC. Hooke calls you a shill. Rivera and Fetzer say your geezer crap is just that...crap. You claim Mark Lane was duped by an imposter Ozzy's momma. Your schtick has become worn and lame. We have come to expect feebleness from you Ralph. Take your teeth out and gum that for a while.

It doesn't appear to be a problem for us Ralph. Mature people can disagree. One thing we all agree on is that you're full of shit. Think about that for a moment. Real researchers can find my blog to be a humorous look at the mountain of bullshit you've shoveled over the years. The fact the me and Backes and Unger and Coogan and Clark and Uppercut can all agree that you're just an attention seeking, malnourished petty troll must really piss you off.

Unfortunately Ralph, the chance that Prayer-man is Oswald is possible. The chance that Lovelady is Oswald, doesn't exist.

You picked the wrong guy.

Hypocrite, Thy Name Is Ralph

Ralph is losing his grip on things as seen in his last rant that went on for a day with no one. The voice is Ralph's head is telling him that Lovelady was down the steps or some such crap so Ralph tries to fool the voice in his head by changing subjects.

But he couldn't have picked a worse subject that dredging up his old geezer routine.

That's a strange position for you to take Ralph considering that this is found on the OIC website...

How can you make correlations Ralph when both of your source photos have been altered?

Such a fucktard.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ralph Tries...he really really does

This is another blinding example of Ralph cherry picking testimony...

What else did Lovelady say...

Ralph...your black hole is standing to the left, man.

And from Wiegman, we know that the only person to the right of Lovelady, on the top level is the PUO ('Prayer-man of Unknown Origin) standing back in the corner.

Is it now time to change your theory again and make 'Prayer-man' the new Lovelady?

Oh and this crap....

You really suck at this Ralph....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ralph Can't Get It Up And Changes The Subject

That all you got Ralph?

Dr. Thomas Halle thinks Oswald was wearing a large plaid shirt like Lovelady...

Ralph Likes To Re-live His Impotence

Can You Spare A Viagra?
Ralph wants to roll down memory lane with his latest diatribe. Unfortunately for Ralph, he wants to dredge up one of his greatest failures.

Um...the fact that you wrote a blog post about it pretty much shows you give a damn. duh.

Selective Memory

Ralph The Omnipotent Onimpotent has it.

 Ralph forgets that these pages linked to the right are full of examples of Ralph's dishonesty. That's crucial.

Ok...lets go by other things...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oswald's Impotent Clowns

I used to think Ralph and the insane clown posse was incompetent. I was wrong. They are merely impotent.

The fact is that by February 2012, Ralph realized that the evidence was smackin him between the eyes and he had to fall back to the famouz fetzer in a corner gambit of hollering FAKE.

Ralph always leaves this part out:

Bill Shelley testified that it was 3 to 4 minutes between the shots and Gloria Calvary. 3 to 4 minutes until her arrival, another minute of could have been 4 to 5 minutes before they left the steps.

Impotent Ralph...always falters before he gets to the truth.

Just another 2 pump chump.

Ralph Wants To Take It Back

Ralph would like for you to forget the following:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ralph Says It's The Actual Photo...Ralph's an idiot

Give it up Ralph. Show us the arrow. We have been waiting for years for you to show us the arrow attached to your famous 'tail'. You have yet to show us the arrow.

Ralph has spewed this false narrative for the umpteenth time.

For the record and the last time Ralph...I do not maintain that Frazier's arrow is actually two arrows.

Pay attention Ralph: