Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Budapest Always Stops Short

As usual, Ralph Cinque likes to refer to a document or someone's testimony, but only the part, that when taken out of context, might in some way prove his point.

Examples would be when the pest from Buda says that Officer Baker identified Oswald's arrest shirt. Ralph consistently mentions that part of Bakers testimony where he says the shirt is similar to the shirt he remembered Oswald wearing in the lunch room but just as consistently refuses to mention that Officer Baker stated twice in the same testimony that Oswald was dressed differently when seen by Baker in the Dallas Police Department later in the afternoon.

Another example is when Ralph "the tranny hunter" consistently claims that Bill Shelley immediately left the doorway after the shooting. But he refuses to change his claim when confronted with Shelley's and Lovelady's testimony, where they both state that they didn't leave the doorway area until AFTER Gloria Calvary came back to the building and when asked to give an estimate say 3 or 4 minutes.

In today's bloviations, Ralph wants to refer to Harry Holmes memo concerning the interogation of Oswald in his presence.....

It Was Just A Matter Of Time

You can always tell when Ralph has been hitting the crack pipe...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mudder-rucking Modesty

Yes you are Ralph. Everything you do and say revolves around you. I am saying this to highlight the fact that when you originally found Lovelady's arrow, you ran away like your hair was on fire because it blew your entire muti-year hallucination out of the water.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fetzering by the OIC

According to Ralph Cinque, that spot is the tail of an arrow.

Sure Ralph.....whatever you say Ralph.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Time To Let Vince And John Down Easy

I think it's time for Ralph to give up the JFK thingy and continue his automotive mechanic endeavors.
You know what I mean Ralph....stick to ass pounding trannies you pick up on Craig's List.

Before I continue to burst the OIC balloon, I want to remind you of Ralph's words on the subject...

Endorsing something iffy...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Try Again Budapest....

Previous posts on the subject. please read first...

Damn Ralph...3 posts back to back on the same damn thing. Your panties must be wadded up up so bad you could cough up a lint ball.

Could you not figure out how to download the thing?

Ralph Must Have Alzheimers

How soon you forget Ralph. This is from the first time you pulled this shit...

 Never gone anywhere near that spot with anything black? You mean like the drawn in black line?

Ralph Cinque: Cyber Bully From Way Back

Seems ol' Ralph has been threatening people since way back in 1999. Although he didn't publicly call the lady a mother-rucker or threaten to pound her ass (seems he kept his desires for pounding man ass in the closet back then), he was never the less an asshole way back then.

Whoda thunk it!

(Tosca and Greg got the shit sued out of them for killin a guy)

Dana's reply...

It Was Settled A Long Time Ago Ralph

Ralph's latest reply concerning his screw up...

Apparently it's two and that's why you get your panties in such a wad over the subject Ralph. And don't get all mouthy with me you fucktard it's your photo. YOU are the one that adjusted the settings in hopes your hallucination would come true. But it didn't did it asshole? In fact you just made things worse. You exposed the arrow you didn't want to see because it ruined everything.

But let's go back to your original blog post about the subject....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ralph's just a whiny little bitch...

Ralph seems to have not liked my last blog post...

You didn't laugh out loud ralph. You just wrote that you did because I started my last post;laughing at you. You are incapable of an independent thought.

First....the facts show that Oswald only mentioned being out front after getting a coke on the second floor. He didn't identify himself in Altgens 6. In fact, when asked by a reporter, he answered that yes, he naturally was in the building at that time. Secondly, Lovelady did not draw an arrow to another figure in Altgens. If he did you would be able to show us the arrow. When you fucked with the contrast on your picture, the result was no arrow connected to your famous tail.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

HAHAHAHAHAHA This is Ralph Cinque we're talking about. He's just gone full circle after years of this crap, so you tell me....

This started out as a reply to Ralph's feeble attempt at a rebuttal to my last post. And as usual, Ralph just shovels  more fetzering, thinking a new pile of crap on top of the old one will make it smell better.

Ralph immediately starts off with his inflated ego setting the agenda. I attacked Ralph because he's an asshole. In regards to his post I simply posted facts to counter his claims. Facts are what drive Ralph crazy because they undermine his opinion. And let's face it, all Ralph has to back up his claims are his ego, twisted non-logic based thoughts and opinions.

If Ralph had any facts to back up his claims, he wouldn't have to further clarify what he said.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the end, Ralph still has to rely on Fetzering

It's been years since Ralph Cinque started his lip flappin' about his theory on "Doorman".

Ralph's latest...

Funny...Ralph has spent three years making the most outrageous claims in the JFk arena and he's just added 3 to the pile.

First, regular visitors to this blog know full well that most of what Ralph claims is complete bullshit. His second claim is that "we've got it won" Ralph and his psychotic alter-ego hasn't "won" anything. He's no closer to proving his "Doorman" is Oswald that he was 3 years ago. Lastly, he produces two pictures of Billy Lovelady and claims they're Ozzy.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ralph Cinque, ever the narcissist, always a liar...

Ralph, your lying right out of the gate. But then we've always expected that from you.
1.  Joseph Backes has NEVER referred to you as the king of JFK research. He has referred to you calling yourself the king of JFK research, but he thinks you're a stupid bitch. Have you not read his blog?
2. My name ain't McRae.
3. To date, you have discovered nothing in regards to JFK research, save a dirty printing plate used to reproduce one photo.
4. Giant men behind you? When you're a mental midget, and you are, all men seem as though they're giants.
5. I've lost nothing. In fact, if you check the tally, I've debunked your claims at every turn. You really are a stupid bitch Ralph.
6. My name ain't Duncan.

Next up....Does Linda know you're still looking for that 'special' someone?

Did you list your dependence on dick stiffeners on your Veggie Date profile?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ralph Cinque Is A Delusional Cunt

Apparently Ralph Cinque is losing his grip on his Oswald's Incompetent Clowns Club and has to lash out at me for some reason....

Go change your tampon name ain't Duncan.