Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's Already A Best Seller !

Can a blockbuster film be next?

 This riveting, first hand account of Ralph Cinque's trials and tribulations can only be outdone by taking this drama to the big screen.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is Ralph "Junior Judy" Cinque Committing Insurance Fraud?

Oh, what a tangled web he weaves...

In continuing our public service policy, we are updating our readers on the continuing saga of Ralph Cinque's Vandalism Extravaganza.....and we've found an anomaly.

Here was Ralph's last comment on the situation...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ralph Cinque Just Became Judyth Very Faker Jr.

Ralph has just hit a new low. In all of the lows reached by Ralph in the past 3 years, this is the lowest.
This is Ralph's reply to my last post where he was shown to have been responsible for damaging his own truck in a desperate plea for attention....

What is going to trial Ralph? Did they suddenly have a breakthrough in your case and someone was charged with fucking up your truck?  No, that can't be it, because the office you filed a complaint with blew you off. Unfounded, I believe, is the word they used.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Hays County Sheriff Calls Bullshit on Ralph

Since Ralph Cinque has decided to not post the "Police Report" from his recent vandalization, after publicly accusing BPete of being the culprit...F.A.R.T. will.

Disclaimer: Before we proceed, we would like the readers of this blog to read the following Blogger Policy...

The following copy of a Hays County Sheriff's Office Report is a matter of public record. Even though we could print the report as is, we know too that Ralph will scream bloody murder to Blogger and we'd just as soon take away that option by not only posting Blogger's terms, but also redacting a few items. Ralph will just have to fume by his lonesome....

Unredacted versions will be provided upon request...

Right click, then click view image to enlarge
Immediately, we see the status of this complaint is Cleared Unfounded. This is from the FBI Handbook on Uniform Crime Reporting...

The Hays County Sheriff's Office has determined that this was a "False or baseless complaint" that occurred in "other jurisdiction".

in other words........They called bullshit on ya Ralph !!!!
But there's more....

Friday, April 3, 2015


Ralph...your photo interpretation skills in the last couple of days have been shot to hell and back.

Give it up. And while you're at it, you can post the report you supposedly gave the Buda Police Department.( Good luck on that one)

Your latest crap can be shown to be crap in one second....

"You can't assume any movement (relocating) of the figures"...Shut up Ralph.

I don't assume anything. What frame number is your still shot Ralph?

Here's 4 seconds that show you don't know what you're talking about....pick any one and you'll find movement between that and the next.

Credit: Robin Unger

Someone was wandering around that doorway. Billy Lovelady.

Now post the fucking police report Ralph.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ralph Cinque BUSTED AGAIN !

We all remember just one week ago when Ralph Cinque wanted to start flinging accusations over his truck being vandalized. I called bullshit on Ralph when he said he called the Police and two officers showed up....

At first I was able to let the word "Police" slide in case Ralph had made a mistake in all the excitement but he repeated the word here...

Here is where I put the info I found, out for the masses...

Let's Settle The 60 Minutes Thingy

Judyth Very Faker is taking a disinfo dump in the JFK punchbowl. She would like the world to believe that because of some ominous, interference by the mysterious "they", her chance at fame on 60 minutes got shitcanned.

Let's see if she can convince you....

If you listen to the interview she refers to, you get the impression that Don Hewitt wanted to tell a story of which Judyth was just a small part. As you read Judyth's version of what she claims are statements made by Martin Shackelford, keep in mind that her/his selective quotes have been cherry-picked.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More Bullshit From Buda

No Ralph, it shows I'm calling bullshit on your claims. I'm in no trouble. Not with anything concerning you.

More bullshit Ralph. Now you're calling a police report a crime report. Which is it Ralph? Did the authorities take your info over the phone?

Because as you said, they told you what they were going to do which is nothing. If, as you say, you spelled it all out for them, then they are trying to figure out how someone that lives a thousand miles from you,  made it all the way to little Buda just to fuck with your head. And after one look at this blog, the authorities realized that their "victim" is just a cranky loon seeking to divert attention away from the fact that he's the village asshat. You can't swing a dead cat in Buda for hitting someone you pissed off.

You're nothing more than  Judyth Faker wannabe....and we're going to prove that again. It's what we do.

Post the report Ralph

Quit Futzin' Around Ralph

Post the police report and the pictures Ralph.

'Cause you suck at making a point.....

  Really Ralph? One photo proves you don't know squat...

 You want I should level that up for you Einstein? I'll adjust it so their feet are level (the ground they are standing on slopes Ralph).

Now how much shorter than Marina is Marguerite?

Put the key board down and go get the police report Ralph.

While We're Waiting On Ralph...

We'll try to clear up a few things Judyth...

She posted this today...

1. You have stated that the purpose of him drawing "your" apartment floor plan in his address book was in case something happened to him and Mary Sherman had to get into "your" apartment and get logs and a microscope. There was an address written near the drawing, but you claim there is a distinctive difference of ink and that certain things couldn't have been written in Russia because ball point pens weren't prevalent in the Soviet Union. That quite frankly, is bullshit.  Société BIC, SA, founded in France in 1945, did in excess of $5 million in sales in 1955, in Europe alone. (As an aside, Bic projected their sales in 1963 to be $90 million)  The white person/black person crap is fluff, irrelevant to the situation.

2. In the evening, you've said you had to stay late to clock Ozzy out at work because he wasn't there.
Which is it? You claim the whole purpose for you to be at Reily's was to cover Ozzy being gone to Ferrie's and Sherman's. You have gone on for years claiming that the majority of Ozzy's late clock out's were done by you. How can you be riding home or to the Audubon Park in the evening with him when he was gone?

3. Again, why would anyone need X's marked on a floor plan to find a microscope and journals? Things like that are conveyed orally to an individual. How hard is it to remember that the microscope is on the bookshelf immediately inside the front door and the journals are on the bookcase immediately behind in the bedroom on the other side of the wall? The key on the window ledge is bullshit. The window ledge is too high to reach easily and it puts your key in the direct path anyone would take to the apartment behind yours, and anyone trying to retrieve the key would be seen by anyone on the street or next door.

4. Witnesses? Plural? Who are they? Anna Lewis' credibility is as questionable as yours. No one, in 51 years, has come forward and flat out said you and Lee Oswald were lovers/companions.

5. I realize you are responding to Ralph Cinque. Other than that, the fact there is no picture of you and him doesn't disprove your claim. It does nothing to prove your claim either.

6. There is no evidence of you being seen with Lee Oswald on the 9th of August. The fact that you were fired was of no surprise because of the ad ordered the day he was fired. The ad looking for someone to replace you, if you are to be believed.

7. Members of your family knowing that you had a glass, that you told them was given to you by Lee Oswald, in not proof of a cancer-du-jour operation nor of you and Ozzy doing the nasty.

8. So what? You telling someone you were friends with Ozzy doesn't make you friends with Ozzy.

9. Did you forget that divorce you got in 1987?

10. But, you didn't wait long to speak out. By 1980 there were dozens of people that knew your story. You claim your family knew you were hauling Ozzy's ashes. Which is it Judyth?

11. Like Ralph's recent claims...where's the proof? You have none. Not the first police report or hospital bill. Not the first picture except when those government trained bedbugs gnawed your ass a few months ago.

12. So far yeah....everyone that could refute your claim is dead. Who was the last one to keel over that made you think your were in the clear to make your claims?

13. Sorry Judyth....any witness that is announced through you is tainted by that association. I might listen to one that come out of the blue and can prove what they claim, independent of your influence.

Now Judyth, I invite you to come and explain. I won't delete your comments like Ralph does.....

Monday, March 30, 2015

Who was it Ralph? The Sheriff or the Police?

Have you had time to get your story straight Ralph? It's time for you to pony up the "Police" report. That is who you said you called...

"Other times of late..." You're a real pain in the ass to someone Ralph. How many times Ralph? 3...4...more? Is it someone in the neighborhood you've pissed off? Is it your girlfriend Linda? But she's gone now isn't she Ralph? That's why you've been on the verge of a trip in a rubber van. You're losing it old man. You're falling apart and all the world's to see.

I ask you Ralph, was it the Police that actually showed up? Here's why I ask....

Damn Ralph, report at 12:51 p.m. and you were blogging at 1:00...before they even showed up.
One problem though...when you click on the SpotCrime link you get this...

Vandalism is now classified as Criminal Mischief...and when you click on that source you get this...

The Hays County Sheriff's Office...Now who came out to your place Ralph because I'm almost sure you said the Police...In fact I know you did...

Now will the bullshitter from Buda come clean? I doubt it....

But we're not done here....

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ralph is still milking the cow

This proves that Judyth is the bigger man ( but we all knew that). Just a few weeks ago, Ralph was throwing Judyth's misfortune back in her face. 

Ralph, we're still waiting for the evidence that you even own a truck. 

Post the police report and pictures of the damage.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ralph goes all in...

Have no fear...Ralph has his dick, named Gordon working on it...

For more on Ralph's dick named Gordon, go here: Ralph's dick named Gordon
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