Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Incompetent Clown Logic "Ramada" Ralph" Cinque...

explain something to me do you calculate the odds of having two look a likes standing next to each other when you only have one look a like? And when you take into consideration that the look a like you can see is actually  this have no look a likes...none.

His wife even made him a framed a copy of the photo when it was published and made a little descriptive card.

But the key to the Incompetent Clowns is the fact that the coat and hat have been identified conclusively as Hunt. You got that? A hat and coat have been conclusively identified as a guy named Hunt.

Actually the hat and coat was identified by me, over a year ago. He's Jack Ruby's third cousin, twice removed, Mr. Jucant C. Ruby.....Fedora Man, A Jack of All Trades

Ralph Draws In His Own Arrow...again

Only Ralph Cinque would try to pull this off........

Ralph Cinque is delusional.

Will Fritz had 4 pages of notes. The notes were written on both the front and back of each page. Fritz numbered his pages as you can see by the circled 1 in the upper right hand corner of the photo above.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ralph is projecting again....


You're such an asswipe Ralph.

Oh and about this....

Rosy demonstrated that she was standing on the steps. You demonstrated that you don't know shit about where Altgens was standing when he took his picture of the doorway. You're not fooling anyone Ralph. Everyone knows you're a dumbass with every post you make.

Tell Rosie I'll be coming down to Texas next month to see my brother and I'll take her out to a nice dinner. It's the least I can do for her putting up with your bonehead attempts to make it look like you know what you're talking about. Besides, you owe me some heavy coin for all of the lost bets.

You know I prefer brunettes....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ralph screws up again...UPDATED

It doesn't matter Ralph. You can beat this dead horse's bones to dust but it won't change the fact that you just admitted that Oswald isn't Doorman...

Backes has never "denied that those are not the same man." He has always maintained that those ARE NOT THE SAME flap your lips so much you even confuse yourself you dumbass.

Ralph tries to correct his dumbassedness...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ralph keeps spouting bullshit Pt. 2

No except're a liar. Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Ralph keeps spouting bullshit

No it isn't true "what you said that Frazier ruled out Lovelady as Doorman".

He specifically described Lovelady in Altgens. He did it after the assassination. He did it in his WC testimony. He did it in the video you linked to. He realizes exactly where Lovelady was standing and that it only looks like he is next to the wall.
Buell Frazier.." If you look at the picture you can see Billy Lovelady standing right there like he's holding up the wall".

LIKE HE"S HOLDING UP THE WALL....Frazier knew where he was and what it looked like.

Cut the crap Ralph, you can't twist your way out of this one. You are wrong. Frazier did not eliminate Lovelady as Doorman, he specifically identified him as Doorman. Repeatedly. He identified the same person that Oswald's momma identified as NOT BEING HER SON.

You narcissistic asshole.


Keep lying, you prick. It's your habit as you would say.

Ralph proves me right...AGAIN!

Ralph's latest....

Wait a minute Ralph...I thought you said he eliminated Lovelady as your "Doorman"? Now you're admitting that he identified Lovelady in Altgens...specifically identified him...and has done so for 50 years.

You know all about habits Ralph. You have a habit of twisting people's words to fit your agenda. Your posts on the subject of that video is a prime example. Now you admit that Frazier identified Lovelady. That makes your prior remarks and posts pure bullshit. But we'll dismiss it as just your habit.

He isn't wrong are. Accept it.

You're just a pathetic opportunist...and a lying asshole.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Congrats Mike

Yes, very revealing. It revealed what most of us already knew...that Frazier identified Billy Lovelady again in Altgens 6. Frazier identified the same person that Oswald's momma identified AS NOT HER SON.

Good job Mike and welcome to Oswald's Incompetent Clowns !

As Usual, Ralph Gets Everything Wrong

No you won't. At the 17:00 minute mark they're talking about Altgens.

When the interviewer asks Frazier if Lovelady was on the bottom step, or the ground level, Frazier says "If you look at the picture (meaning the aforementioned Altgens 6) you can see Billy standing right there like he's holding up the wall". Frazier even pulls his left should in and down trying to show how Lovelady was standing.

Listen for yourself....

Yes, we know's what you're famous for...

Ralph Cinque says:

Backes is right Ralph, you are a stupid bitch...

I didn't say you did Ralph. Go back and re-read my post you stupid asshat.

I crossed out the word images and wrote in the word individuals.

No he isn't Ralph. He is showing that the individuals in the two images are the same person.
As you can see below...

Let's Hold Ralph To His Words (which always goes bad for Ralph)

Robin Unger has done a comparison between a crop of a Martin film frame ( which I believe is from  Jack White's slide) and a frame from the Hughes film that confirms the two individuals are Billy Lovelady.

You can find Robin's work here:

Here is a screen capture from Robin's site...

Please go to Robin's site to see his excellent work.

Now for Ralph's response...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ralph Shows His Stupidity Again (after the last bazillion times...)

Ralph the Idiot
Ralph on Friday....

Ralph has been going on for a week or better about a portion of the Hughes footage taken shortly after the assassination of JFK. The footage clearly shows Billy Lovelady standing outside of the TSBD. The footage is backed up by the Martin footage which also shows Billy Lovelady standing outside of the TSBD.

Ralph claims that the Hughes footage shows a person with a "perfectly perpendicular shaped head". Ralph has a bad habit of making up things, including descriptions of still crops from motion pictures.

Joe Backes called Ralph out on his idiocy and explained what perpendicular actually means...

Ralph can't stand it when someone proves that Ralph is dumber than a bag of doorknobs, so he retaliates with even more stupidity.....

Ralph on Saturday....

 Joe Backes explained the meaning of "perpendicular", which means he did know what perpendicular meant.

Sadly, Ralph ignored Backes' explanation and then proceeds to draw lines on his own photo. Ralph always gets in trouble when he draws lines on his photos. Even with an explanation, Ralphs screws up....

Note to Ralph: Perfectly perpendicular does not mean "close to 90 degrees". Perpendicular does not mean "close to 90 degrees".
Ralph really is a schmuck....

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ralph Cinque....scum

This lying, vile little weasel beats all....

Married and proposes to another woman. Doesn't even have the decency to end one bad situation before he hits on the new girl.

If you'll cheat on your're capable of anything.

Ralph Cinque is scum.