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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ralph Really Hates Being Wrong

Case in point....

Last night we were discussing the general condition of your crappy copy of a 50+ year old Polaroid. I never said that any chemicals spilled. And I can prove it. What I said was the chemical pods in Polaroid film were broken when the photo was pulled through the rollers. That's how series 30 Polaroid roll film works. If you don't believe me, look it up.

I also said that the way you pull the film out of the camera could affect the distribution of chemical.

After coming home today and looking at a much higher quality copy of the photo, I discovered several fingerprints on that side of the photo.

Go right ahead and post anything I said but be warned. I made screen shots of the conversation as well. I stand by everything I said last night.

I am well aware of the large print near the center of the photo.

Guess what is a small photo. Here is a picture of the photo next to a Zippo lighter courtesy of Robin Unger. You realize how small a Zippo lighter is don't you?

Photo courtesy of Robin Unger

See how small it is Ralph?

Here is a photo by Dale K. Myers....

Photo by Dale K. Myers

It is really small Ralph...kinda like you!

Ok now listen up Ralph. I don't really give a damn what you reject. I have told you repeatedly that you know nothing about the subject of Polaroid photos or cameras so I would suggest doing a little research about them before you open your mouth and make a bigger ass of yourself.

Now in reference to being able to see Hargis' helmet under the fingerprint....if you'll notice, the finger print removed the black of his uniform and his entire face. So it is quite possible that a fingerprint could remove or obscure a portion of someone's arm that was of much less contrast than Hargis' very dark uniform.

Sucks to be wrong about everything doesn't it Ralph....

How about you go read a book or two before you start making demands of people. You're not're just an idiot. And you prove it every day.

Ralph Can't Put His Finger On It

After several hours of debate last night with the Buda Bullshit Broker, Ralph still cannot understand that 1963 Polaroid Series 30 roll film required a fixative to be applied after the photo was developed and peeled away from the negative side of the film sandwich. As you saw in an earlier post of mine, Ralph said he would tell us what is actually going on in the photo above. Well, Ralph is relying soley on some clown called saintly oswald that maintains Secret Service agent Greer shot Kennedy from the driver's seat. This whack job also says that Babushka lady took the Moorman photo. That's where Ralph ripped off the idea.

Well let's solve the mystery of the faded irregular area behind the motorcycle cop seen above ( the area of the man"s supposedly missing arm)

Here is a blow up of that area.....

As you can clearly see, there are ridge lines from a fingerprint in that area. That's all it is. Fingerprints on a Polaroid that didn't have the fixative applied right after it was taken. The fixative is to keep the dried emulsion on the film paper in place and prevent cracking, fading, scaling and above all...fingerprints.

Here is a negatve version that makes the ridges a little easier to see.

Wow that was easy.....for some of us.

Ralph Contradicts Himself..Again

Really Ralph? Normal photographic quality?

Then explain why your enlargement shows a difference...

 And we can't wait for you to tell us......

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ralph's got skilz.....

One problem Ralph...well, two actually.....

1. You can't see enough of the camera to tell if it's level and...
2. It can't be "perfectly perpendicular with the vertical lamppost"....

Why you ask?

The lamppost isn't "perfectly vertical" in your chosen photo Ralph......

Now it is...also the building walls on the knoll behind it.

You should really take my advice Ralph. Go freebase some Geritol, relax and think about why you're always wrong.

Ralph Cinque Gets His Ass Handed To Him

Read all about it here:

Be sure to expand ALL of the comments.

Try Again Putz

Now it's level.....

For Once You're Correct Ralph

A stopped clock is correct twice a day Ralph so that puts it one up on you...

No she isn't....

She's pointing it across the rear of the limo and got the occupants in the field of view. Remember when I had to explain the yellow dot Ralph? No, of course you don't.

Hi I'm Ralph Cinque And I Ask Questions That I'm Too Stupid To Answer

Dunce is several steps up for me
Ralph is burning what few brain cells he has left on this...

You think maybe her camera wasn't level? Huh? What did you say Ralph? You didn't think of that?

Maybe it's because you're a dumbass......ya think? that last brain cell, it's apparent you don't think.

Note To Ralph

As usual, you twist everything in the world to fit your dementia. Pay attention.

No one that I know of, that believes Mary Moorman took the photo attributed to her, has claimed that Mary Moorman's camera was pointed straight across the street, or perpendicular to the street. From all of the comments I've read from others, they all believe that Mary Moorman's camera was pointed at a sufficient angle to capture this...

You, on the other hand, are the only person, that I know of, to claim that Mary Moorman was standing perpendicular to Elm St. and therefore could not have taken the photo above. Then you go and supposedly bring in a physicist to determine that the camera that took the photo above was at an angle to Elm St. and therefore was taken by someone else. Your "physicist" added nothing to the conversation until he, as you claim, determined that someone other than Mary Moorman took the picture. Instead of him reinforcing your position, he just confirmed your lunacy and his incompetence. The question of the camera being at an angle to Elm St. was never a question to anyone else but you.

You have managed, in just the past few days, to piss off everyone in the JFK/Facecrook world that you hadn't pissed off before now. Not to mention getting your ass kicked out of an admin position at JFK Conspiracy. Trust me, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

But you don't stop there. Now you want to argue over something so clear to everyone else, that being the fact that Mary Moorman panned her camera from her right to her left, as seen here...

At this point, there are very few people in the world that give a rat's ass what you think Ralph. Now, you can continue to bitch and moan all you want, but you're not impressing anyone. If we total up your achievements we're left with this; you've been shown to be wrong about Altgens 6, laser columns, Roy Lewis, floor replacement, parallaxes, road signs, traffic signals, Wiegman, Muchmore, Nix, Towner, Zapruder, ladies holding children, men in fedoras and the list goes on.

So do us all a favor and fuck off Ralph....and I'm sure Hondo would agree with me.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

While Ralph Tries To Kiss Up To Robin Unger

We'll take a moment to further piss Ralph off.

Ralph claims that no image shows Mary Moorman "torqued". The only thing "torqued" in the JFK arena is Ralph Cinque's brain. He's an imbecile plain and simple. An egotistical asshat.

Here are a series of crops from Z-290 thru Z-315 and because Ralph likes Costella's frames so much, I used them to make the crops.


In these crops, you will see that Mary Moorman starts out turned to her right as she pans her camera with the limo. Notice her right elbow is away from her body. As the limo moves to directly in front of her and continues to her left, you will see that her right elbow moves into her body as her left elbow moves out. Also, you will see that she turns her head from her right to her left.

Of course Ralph will claim that this isn't happening but he's a dumbass so who really cares.

Oh and Ralph, you can message Hondo over at the This Ain't Hell Blog and tell him there's no need for him to respond to your posted challenge that he never read because he has said himself that your blog isn't worth reading.

Another of Ralph's claims bite the dust...what are you Ralph...0 for 50 or 60 now? You schmuck...

Another Page From Poor Richard's Almanac

Richard Hooke is racking up the skidmarks......(My comments in red)

Click photo for large view

I don't know who is more photographically challenged...Hooke or Cinque.

Someone Finally Came To Their Senses

Maybe others can come to their senses as well.....

Hi I'm Ralph Cinque and I'm A Flaming Idiot

Ralph Cinque:The guy driving the clown car

This is the most recent crap to come out of Cinque's keyboard....

Now how did the flaming idiot reach the conclusion above? It was only after several people on Facecrook explained to Ralph that he doesn't know a damn thing about photography.

Here are a few screen grabs to show the progression of the conversation....

Ralph's "theyory" that the mysterious "they" took a photo taken by the Babushka Lady with a box still camera, converted it to a Polaroid photo and substituted it for the actual photo taken by Mary Moorman is all based on his opinion that whoever took the Moorman photo HAD to be standing at a drastic angel to Elm St.

Ralph is too much an idiot to realize that anyone can be standing with their body square to a given object and simply twist their upper torso while looking through the viewfinder of a camera and take a picture of something to their left. Or maybe he does realize it and figured out that it blows holes in his claim and decided to play dumb. Ralph ain't playing...he's a flaming idiot.

Let's continue...

Now if hypocrisy were dynamite, Ralph's head would have exploded all over Buda, Texas the minute he typed the statement above.

This is the composite photo Ralph made a big deal about placing on the OIC Homepage...

Notice how severely cropped the photo of Oswald is on the right. Did Ralph do that to cheat? To deceive?


This is what the original photo would look like in the same position...

Ralph purposely cropped Oswald's hair out of the photo because he knows that if the hair doesn't fit, he has to admit that Oswald was not captured in the Altgens 6 photo.

(For the newbies, the photo on the left of the composite is Billy Lovelady as captured in the Altgens 6 photo, and has been altered by adding color to the photo.)
Now let's return to the photo from Ralph's blog...

Now Ralph thinks that people should take his word on all things photographic when the idiot can't even figure out how to set the margins on his blog template to keep his blog post list from overlapping his posts.
But beyond that, let's point out a few things about the photo itself.
1. The man seen in the photo is hunched down to look through a camera while trying to match the viewfinder image with a negative image of a photo. He's not the same height as Mary Moorman. He is attempting to determine where Mary Moorman was standing not reenacting how she was standing.
2. Ralph is challenging anyone to produce a photo that shows Mary Moorman standing exactly like the guy in the photo when he knows full well that there was no one on Elm St. standing directly behind Mary Moorman taking a photo over her right shoulder.

Maybe now, people will understand why I refer to the OIC as Oswald's Incompetent Clowns.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ralph the pathological liar.....

Ralph thinks everyone is stupid. Here is part of he most recent denial to sending emails.

(He calls them "letters" thinking that gives him a weasel factor)

 Notice the fourth reason. He says he doesn't know anything about the linked item. Ralph's a liar. He posted two separate blog posts in response. This one...

And this one, where he also makes reference to his fifth reason at the very bottom...

That's one problem with pathological liars....they can't remember what bullshit they shoveled the day before.