Monday, May 25, 2015

Public Service Announcement

As a public service, F.A.R.T. announces a new feature for our readers.

Beginning today, we are introducing the Ralph C. Cinque Skid Mark of Approval Stamp.

Whenever we run across an item, claim or interpretation that is found to be 199% disinfo, our readers will have the benefit of seeing this Skid Mark" notification....

For example, just today, Ex-OIC Senior Member and renown refrigerator art artist Richard Hooke posted the following......

Richard Hooke was busted on this item long ago, on this very blog for trying to dupe the JFK sandbox.

Somehow, people seem to think that an open wing window on a car turns into a nefarious walkie talkie.

The famous Johnny Seven Walkie Talkies were manufactured by Deluxe Reading under their Topper Toys division. If you'll notice in Richard's picture, the walkie talkies had to be connected with a wire (seen wrapped around the one on the left), which means that Danny Arce had a wire running from his ass all the way up to the 6th floor of the TSBD.

Now for some reason, I would think that the CIA (accused by Hooke as being involved) would have enough resources to buy real walkie talkies instead of relying on a child's toy.

Not to mention the fact that the Johnny Seven series of toys weren't introduced to market until 1964.

Nice try Richard and congratulations on being the first recipient of the Ralph C. Cinque "Skid Mark of Approval" !!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

They don't get any more stupid than this

Ralph "The Skid Mark" Cinque has a new" theyory"...

What's even funnier in he wrote this immediately before the post above....

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yo Skid Mark

In honor of Ralph Cinque's new-found love for the Cherokee people, I have consulted tribal elders and they have given Ralph the name Skid Mark. That's the Tsalagi words for non-removable underwear stain in the ass crack region.

Ralph, recently trying to overcome the severe ass kicking given to him by his mentor Harold Weisberg, Joe Backes and Robin Unger, has unleashed another round of utter bullshit to cover his ass.

 Did it ever occur to Ralph that Lovelady could have gone inside the TSBD and then returned outside? Is it possible that the management of a BOOK DEPOSITORY would require their employees to smoke outside due to things like...oh I don't know...FIRE?

We don't presume to know and quite frankly, I don't care. He was captured ON FILM outside of the building some time after the shooting stopped. Harold Weisberg says it's Lovelady and that Mrs. Lovelady was backed up over 100%.

In His Attempt To Pull A Harold, Raff Pulls A Judyth


Good ol' Raff Cinque. In Raff's latest attempt to make people think he knows what he's talking about, he completely fucks up Harold Weisberg's description of a photo that was set up by Bob Ricter.

Joe Backes covers the issue here:

Needless to say, Backes completely destroys Ralph's claims.

Robin Unger also covers the topic here:

Robin has some great copies of the photos in question and like Backes, kicks Ralph's ass once again.

One little gem that came out of all this, is a copy of a letter from Harold Weisberg himself that puts an end to the claims that Lovelady wore a red and white striped shirt on 11/22/63.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Now Explain Something Else Raff

I posted this in response to Raff Cinque's claims about the Couch footage...

Of course Raff had a bullshit reply...

Things Raff Runs From

Hey Raff Cinque...explain something to the world.

If this is Shelley & Lovelady, 15 to 20 seconds after the shots, how were they not standing right where Office M.L. Baker parked his motorcycle, when he parked his motorcycle? They would have been on the sidewalk on Elm, directly across from the TSBD.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Race Baiting Raff and the Impossible Couch Connection

Ralph Cinque throws the race card right on cue....he's got nothing else.

That'll convince people Ralph....calling names and throwing obscenities about.

Raff Cinque's Panties Are All Wadded Up

Official OIC Circle Jerk Pivot Man

Raff's gone all pissy over my earlier post, but we expected that didn't we?

I never said anything about Gloria Calvary climbing the stairs. As usual, Raff creates a straw man by implication. I never said she climbed the stairs. She could have but it doesn't matter, My post was in response to Raff purposely describing things out of chronological order. It's what he does.

As Usual With Raff Cinque, One Lie Perpetuates Another

As seen in my previous post, Raff Cinque is a liar. His entire doorman "theyory" is one lie after another.

Case in point....

How A Lie Becomes Lore

Lying makes your hair fall out.
Raff "The Budapest" Cinque will forever be known as the biggest bullshitter in the JFK sandbox. He's surpassed his former mentor, Jim "Uncle" Fetzer. Having failed in his attempt at fame, by ripping off prior claims by others and distorting them even further beyond belief, Raff finally admitted to local law enforcement that not many people agree with his beliefs. So much for that runaway train huh Raff?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Blatant Bullshit From Buda

Deranged Asshat Ralph Cinque
The deluded Ralph Cinque, pulls another "Judyth" and tries to insert himself into history...