Friday, April 18, 2014

From One Senior Member To Another

This is the OIC........they gaslight each other

MGM's 1944 Production of Gaslight starring Ralph Cinque & Richard Hooke

Ralph spent a couple hundred bucks for something he could get online for free.....

The OIC- Oswald's Incompetent Clowns....JFK's Chuckle Brothers......

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The "Geezette": Post Script

Ralph Cinque is so batshit crazy he scares himself......

The "Geezette" Takes Ralph Down...for good.

This is the story of two geezers.... 

This is the first geezer, Ralph Cinque. Ralph is a washed up starvation guru that now spends his days ranting about ops, Sienzants  and Andersensons. Ralph admits to his enterprise running 24/7 365...and he has the gall to call people ops.

Beyond that, Ralph calls himself a JFK "truthiness" researcher. He hasn't researched a damn thing in his life, he just regurgitates the claims of others, but usually adds his own spin and then claims a superior position.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Official...Ralph Taps Out

You just responded Ralph.....and you still got nothing.

Taken down by your own petite geezer......

Ralph Cinque Admits Defeat

5 Days.....nothing from Ralph.

You want to shut Ralph up? Ask him about Wiegman and Altgens...

.....ask him about petite geezers

He'll know what ya mean.....

Sunday, March 30, 2014

While Ralph Cinque Compares Harvey & Lee's Genitalia...

Ralph bullshits his way into a corner....

His response.....

Ralph's sudden awakening of his inner nad-whisperer is nothing but a defense mechanism...when confronted with an inconsistency, change the subject.

Where's the petite woman in Wiegman Ralph?
Where's the geezer in Altgens?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Mofo's Block Is Cracked

Ralph Rimshot Cinque scans vintage assassination photos looking at crotches...

There you have it....Ralph's a crotch checker.....he can see 'em whether they're in the picture or not.

Ok Ralph, we're up to 3 questions while we wait for you to answer the first one...

Ralph "The Rimshot" Cinque Folds Like A Little Furl

Maybe you're not cut out for this sorta thing Ralph. Maybe you should try playing the stock wait that didn't work out so well. Maybe start a still haven't accounted for the missing cash from the last time. I could start a starvation spa and invite wackos from all over the world to come and rummage through your sprawling estate while you go tend to the HGH still back in the garden shed.

Stick to being an idiot's what you're best at.......

Perpetual Idiocy

If we hooked a generator up to Ralph's hamster wheel we'd find that he's running from the subject fast enough to provide electric service to a small municipality or your average third world country.

The latest from Herr Budapest is just another example of Ralph dodging a mess of his own making. Muhammad Ali had his "rope a dope".....Ralph's style is more "I am a dope".

Were you dropped on your rim as a child Ralph?

Backed into a corner by his own claims, Ralph thinks diverting to Harvey the Hungarian kidnapped in kindergarten and a museum display will allow him to weasel out.

All That Blah..and you still haven't answered the question

Hey Ralph...Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

Hey Ralph...I guess that means all of the blogs of yours where you correlate are just shit filled assumptions huh?